Developing and safeguarding your personal brand is essential

By DeAnna Halewski, Marketing on October 19, 2016

Your words and actions speak volumes

“Determine early on whether your passion is your true calling or just a fantasy to get out of your system.” – Tami Zhu

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have a personal brand. With every tweet, Facebook post, blog comment or photo upload, you’ve further developed your personal brand. Before, personal branding was the perception people had of you just from seeing your business card. Now, with the use of technology and reach of social media, people get a broader insight and better feel for your personal brand and can remember you differently.

Be conscious of everything you post. Current and potential clients may be watching and old and deleted items can still live on in perpetuity.

When someone says your name, what do you think people think of?


DeAnna Halewski, Marketing

Born with wanderlust in her soul and an alarming coffee addiction, DeAnna is deep in the throes of her quest to explore every corner, nook and cranny of the world (except the really cold ones). When she isn’t planning or taking her next trip to parts unknown, she’s slinking back to the gym in shame.

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