5 ways to master social media marketing

By Sarah McCauley, Marketing on April 28, 2017

Optimize your social channels

Maintaining professional social media channels can often feel like a chore, but posting online can help sell more products, connect you with more clients and build greater brand awareness. Use these 5 simple tips to drive engagement and get better results:

  1. Upload videos­­—not just photos

Take a break from writing all of your posts and switch things up by creating short videos to better capture interest. HubSpot reports that 4x as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it, and that visual content is 40x times more likely  to get shared on social media. 

  1. Too busy for posts? Schedule them.

Between meeting clients and getting through piles of paperwork, it’s easy to forget about social media posting or decide that you just don’t have the time for it. Instead of crossing it off your list altogether, try scheduling several posts at once when free time becomes available. Facebook allows you to assign a publish date and time to multiple posts, so you can schedule them in large groups when it’s most convenient. 

  1. Don’t forget a call-to-action

Tell followers what you want them to do next! Your post should include text encouraging them to visit your site to learn more and asking them to leave a comment or share your information. Incorporating these calls-to-action can inspire discussions, increase exposure and drive traffic back to your site. 

  1. Go ahead—show off

You’ve worked hard to become an expert in your industry. Showcase that expertise by posting information that shows thought leadership. Share information that you think your audience will find valuable and interesting. 

  1. Always give to receive

Your social media presence isn’t just about what you do online—it’s also about the engagement that you foster when you comment on the posts of others. Take time to respond to comments on your posts and to comment on other posts that you find interesting. Sharing quality posts written by someone else will, in turn, encourage them to share yours. On social media, the more interactions you give, the more you are likely to receive. 

Have your own social media tips? Share them below in the comment section.


Sarah McCauley, Marketing

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