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By Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers on April 23, 2016

The art of closing a sale

Closing insurance leads, or any business lead, is an art form. While closing techniques can be as varied as the sales professionals who are using them, there are some tried and true tips to effectively close a sale.

  1. Close from the beginning – Explain what you’re selling and how it can benefit your prospect. Be upfront as it promotes an honest and respectful discussion.
  2. Focus on your prospect – Don’t just focus on the deal, putting the prospect first increases the likelihood they will buy.
  3. Ask a lot of questions – Get the prospect emotionally involved in helping to solve their problems. Then listen.
  4. Tell a story –Humans have a craving for stories. Getting someone engaged in a good story, a real-life event that could happen to them is a way to emotionally connect with your prospect.
  5. Don’t talk above them – Everyone has a different level of understanding. Using terminology the prospect doesn’t understand could dampen the sale.
  6. Recap the solution – Your clients are looking for a solution. Recap the value they are receiving from you and your service.
  7. Present a proposal in writing – People might not always believe what they hear, but they believe what they see. Have a contract available.
  8. Encourage follow up phone calls –People might have the need to reach out after an initial meeting. Reassure that you are there for follow up questions and to call or contact you at any time, around the clock.
  9. Be genuine – Having the desire to be true to your clients, taking time out of your schedule to become involved can really go a long way.

    These are just a handful of tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your sales repertoire. Try and find what works best for you. And remember, Glatfelter is always here to lend that extra hand.

Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers

Arthur is a fitness enthusiast, a grandfather, philosopher and possessor of a wretched wit.

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