Build your client’s trust

By Keith Brandstedter, Glatfelter Specialty Benefits on September 21, 2016

Follow through

Trust is the key to any solid foundation that client relationships should be built upon. Bringing new clients on board and keeping them there is no easy feat. If your client doesn’t trust you, it’s impossible. The easiest way to lose a client is to overpromise and under deliver. Many producers feel like they have to make these extravagant plans in order to secure a client.

Instead, find satisfaction in the small victories. When you tell a client you’re going to follow up with them on a Tuesday, call that Tuesday. Don’t wait until Wednesday. The small goals that you know you can deliver will pave the way to growing your book of business.

There is also no such thing as over-communicating, especially with new clients. At a minimum, contact your client every quarter. If possible, forward an article to them you think they’d like or check in with them once a month. Feel free to use the information that Glatfelter sends out on a regular basis.

Your client will know you are keeping them in mind and that they aren’t just a number to you. That instilled trust will last the rest of your broker-client relationship.


Keith Brandstedter, Glatfelter Specialty Benefits

Keith is an avid soccer fan. You'll find him glued to the TV when Manchester United is playing. He also serves on the Board of Joyful Noise Preschool.

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