Building relationships in 140 characters

By Taryn Kuhn, Marketing on January 4, 2017

Get to the point

Do you remember those 25-word abstracts your grade school teacher used to assign you? Tweeting is similar, but much more rewarding.

Twitter allows you to hold one-on-one conversations that are more personal with your clients than a big group conversation on other social platforms. The 140-character count limit forces you to cut the fluff and your followers will be thankful for it.

The average reader spends about 15 seconds or less on text before they decide if the content is of interest or not. Use those 15 seconds to your advantage! Focus on industry-related expertise, share some behind-the-scenes info and expand your thought-leadership -- all while reaching a large targeted audience (your followers!). Twitter also puts your finger on the pulse of the industry with quick updates to news and resources.

Our own sales executives use Twitter to stay in touch with clients and prospects, follow happenings in their niche and continue conversations related to our industry. We have tried-and-true tales of strengthening client relationships cultivated on a platform hosted by a little blue bird!

Tell us - how are you using Twitter to build rapport with your clients? We'd love to hear about it in the comments. 


Taryn Kuhn, Marketing

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