The power of a written goal

By Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers on January 11, 2017

These keep you accountable

Written goals are imperative in sales. But did you know that how the goal is written can impact how your mind interprets it? Goals must be stated in simple, direct and non-interpretive language.


  1. I will write $50,000 in new business commissions in 2017.
  2. I will make 50 cold call dials a week in 2017.

Simple, clear and direct.

Putting the goal in writing and revisiting the goal on a regularly scheduled basis allows your subconscious to go to work. Remember, your brain works even when you aren’t using it. Getting your subconscious into the mix will help drive successful sales behavior. 

What goals have you made this year?


Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers

Arthur is a fitness enthusiast, a grandfather, philosopher and possessor of a wretched wit.

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