Ensure brokerage success with legacy planning

By Troy Markel, VFIS on August 17, 2016

Don't put off the inevitable

Legacy planning is difficult to discuss. It is tough to think about your own mortality – but a necessity. Any time is a good time to begin planning your agency’s future, and the sooner the better.

Glatfelter Program Managers can assist in this process. We are always open to providing resources for your agency’s evaluation, so you can ensure your agency’s long-term success.

Passing your business to someone you trust, either within your agency or externally, will continue the same practices you worked so hard to establish. Choose someone with a strong work ethic, high degree of customer service, passion for customer satisfaction and love for their professional niche. Also, be open to new ideas. If a possible successor works well by doing things differently yet yields the same results, it is something to consider. For example, if your succession plan is an internal one, consider promoting your prospective successor to Operations Manager or Sales Manager so they can familiarize themselves with the executive process over time.

Most importantly, place your plan in writing. As you work with your successor, outline your core business strategies. Mentor your successor through your agency’s procedures and make sure your expectations and timelines are clear.


Troy Markel, VFIS

Troy is a family man first and attempts to be a funny, VFIS associate second. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he loves the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Pirates. While not a tech genius, he is obsessed with anything Apple and enjoys a good meal with family and friends. While he loves sports, he needs more exercise and less food intake as evidenced by this bio photo.

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