Sharing isn't just caring; it's vital

By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on June 23, 2017

Post only the best content

So, you created an agent/broker Facebook page, and you’re feeling really inspired. Initially, you have lots of great content to share with your audience, but then… you hit the one month mark. You’re out of ideas, it’s no longer fun and you’re tired of spending time searching for new things to share. 

But, sharing isn’t just caring; it’s vital. It may seem aggravating, but if you want to continue to keep current followers engaged and gain new ones, it’s important to post high-quality content often.

Make the social media process less painful by using a few reliable sources that frequently post new content. This way, you have sites that you can continually (and, quickly) look to for interesting, educational or inspiring items to share. Here are 3 suggestions for sourcing valuable content:

  1. Insurance news

If it’s newsworthy and it’s insurance related, it’s probably relevant content for your social media page. Check out Insurance Splash’s insurance news dashboard that compiles all of the latest news and breaks it down by topic for easy reference.

  1. Risk management tips

Helping clients stay safe is always key, so it’s never a bad idea to share risk management tips on social media. There are free risk management resources available on each of our division’s (GIG, VFIS, TGA, GPP muni/water, GPP education, GHP, GRP) websites under the “safety central” tab that can easily be shared. Follow us on social media to make re-sharing even easier.  

  1. Stories specific to the industries you serve

Are your clients firefighters? Do you serve senior living communities? Search for news pertaining to these topics to share. Even if it isn’t insurance-specific news, relevance will keep them engaged.

Do you employ other social media tactics that work well? Fill us in below!


Bri Burkhart, Marketing

Bri is an over-enthusiastic dog mom, pop culture fanatic and Instagram addict. She enjoys eating pizza, practicing yoga and hiking.

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