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By Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers on May 12, 2017

Get involved


One major challenge for new producers is figuring out the best way to build their network within the insurance industry. It can be difficult to decide how to gain visibility from the very beginning. A good breakthrough networking option is joining a local nonprofit, as doing so will allow you to begin forming connections within your community. 

After proving yourself to be a valuable asset, the end goal is to be asked to serve on the nonprofit’s board. Board participation will provide an introduction to local business people and will provide you with ample opportunities to showcase your commitment, work ethic and abilities. 


If you are able to impress local leaders with your fundraising abilities while serving on a board, you have the perfect “in” to connect with them on a professional level. This will likely give you the opportunity to review their insurance.  The key, however, is to avoid introducing yourself as an insurance professional or to ask to do work for them until after you have proven yourself to be a loyal and reliable board member. After gaining the respect of local leaders, you will be able to more successfully pitch yourself as their next producer.


Many clients appreciate seeing their agents take a personal interest in them as individuals and in their communities, rather than just viewing them as a pathway to a paycheck. By volunteering for a local nonprofit that works within an area you truly care about, you provide your future clients with the opportunity to see that your personal interests align with theirs, and allow them to know you on a more authentic level. Developing these types of deeper networking connections will bring greater value to your business offerings and will bring additional business through your door.


Art Seifert, Glatfelter Program Managers

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