Value selling: Creating the opportunity

By Art Seifert, Glatfelter Insurance Group on September 7, 2016

Price isn't always the focus

I’ll be honest; creating the opportunity to sell value is not easy. Notice, I did not say “getting the chance to sell value.” I said creating and I said it deliberately.

In a Walmart world, where price has become the primary buying criterion, disappointment is inevitable. It is unfortunate that cost over time is not the driving criterion for purchasing.

Creating the opportunity to sell value requires creating doubt in the mind of the buyer concerning your competitor’s product:

  • Will it respond in certain loss scenarios?
  • Will the claims process be fair?
  • How much pull does the agent have with the claims department … can they get an accommodation if needed?

Selling value requires effort, no doubt. Putting the work in up front to sell value is actually less work than explaining why the cheap alternative really wasn’t the best alternative.


Art Seifert, Glatfelter Insurance Group

Arthur is a fitness enthusiast, a grandfather, philosopher and possessor of a wretched wit.

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