Why should you have a risk management program?

By Scott Harkins, Risk Control on June 15, 2016

Risk control is good for you clients

At Glatfelter, our philosophy is that risk control consulting can help sell and retain more profitable business, and is a critical component in a value-based insurance program.

  • We offer a softer approach than traditional insurers where risk control is driven by “compliance.” This can be seen in the letters we send following a visit, where we thank clients for their business and point out the positives.
  • Collaboratively, we work with our clients to find, develop and implement solutions to the issues that keep them up at night.
  • Niche markets are our specialty with more than 400 years’ collective experience in emergency services, healthcare visits made by RNs, nursing home administrators, etc.
  • Enhanced tools help address the loss drivers in each of our programs, including:
    • Distance learning
    • Webinars and onsite training
    • Targeted safety bulletins (communiqués)
    • HRHelp websites that provide training, sample policies and a help line
    • Email campaigns that are focused on loss sources and successes

Do our clients think it is good for them?

  • Customer satisfaction surveys following our onsite visits are overwhelmingly positive and appreciative.
  • A recent comment called one of our consultants “awesome.” It doesn’t get much better than that.

Scott Harkins, Risk Control

Scott was a fire chief and EMT who has always been obsessed with peanut butter and sweets (especially Reese’s). He is a mystery novel enthusiast who enjoys playing golf and traveling, although he is good at traveling and not so good at golf.

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