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By Amber DeFabio, Marketing on April 6, 2018

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From the inception of our Backstage with GIG blog, we've worked to share valuable information in the form of five-minute reads that we hope you've come to look forward to every Friday. We're always looking to grow and improve from your feedback, so in between crafting these blogs, we spend our time searching for the best topics to benefit you. We've found that the blogs that have been best received and responded to are generally focused on social and psychological marketing and business practices. A few of our "fan favorites" include:

If you haven't seen these blogs, take a peek when you have a moment! They're written for agents on-the-go, and broken down into quickly digestible tips and helpful information. We hope you'll find them to be both professionally beneficial and enjoyable to read.

Our goal is to continue sharing content with you that brings value and touches on important topics that impact and improve your professional and personal lives. We thought it would be a great time to ask you for your best suggestions of how we can continue doing this. This Friday, we wanted to open the door to you and have you share your thoughts with us. With your advice, we can keep producing a quality blog for you each and every week. Your input means so much to us, and we thank you for helping us continually improve.

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Amber DeFabio, Marketing

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