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Picture of Lindsey Elias, Marketing

Lindsey Elias, Marketing

As our Marketing Content Manager, Lindsey is passionate about producing quality content. When not at the office or planning her next Disney getaway, she loves hanging with her husband, family and fur babies and indulging in the two c's: carbs & coffee.

The Comfort Zone gets you nowhere


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on May 3, 2018

The comfort zone might seem like a great place to be. That is, until you realize that it gets you nowhere. In order to grow professionally, it's critical to step outside of the comfort zone...

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7 Incredible Benefits of Lifelong Learning


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on April 20, 2018

Is brain exercise the key to a longer life and a bigger budget? We pride ourselves on getting to the gym, but how often do we think about exercising our brains and the benefits that this...

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How to stay focused in a world of interruptions

Insider, Value Selling, Marketing

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on March 30, 2018

You have important professional goals. When your mind becomes distracted by interruptions, however, your productivity and ability to successfully attain those goals is inevitably delayed.

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Ditch the mob mentality and increase EQ to be better at business

Insider, Value Selling, Sales, Marketing

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on March 16, 2018

To truly connect with an infinitely varied group of people requires something of you: strong emotional intelligence, or EQ.

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The importance of downtime

Value Selling, Sales

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on February 9, 2018

Consciously scheduling downtime moments into your day-to-day routine has a plethora of benefits, and is proven to help your brain operate at its optimum.

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Cold calling: The best and the worst

Value Selling, Sales

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on January 26, 2018

A quick analysis of the best and worst cold-calling practices will keep you on your A game and keep new clients interested in partnering with you.

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Are you overlooking the #1 way to attain new clients?


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on November 24, 2017

Happy customers enjoy giving business recommendations, and do so. If you’ve exceeded a client’s expectations, they’re likely to tell others very naturally.

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Harnessing the power of loneliness


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on October 13, 2017

Loneliness can better predict someone’s early death than smoking an entire pack of cigarettes every single day can!

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Cultivating diversity in the insurance sector


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on July 14, 2017

The ability to manage a diverse workforce effectively is considered necessary for an organization desiring sustainable competitive advantage in today’s market.

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Reading: A key to professional success

Value Selling

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on June 2, 2017

In a technologically-focused world where reading is becoming a lost art, could it also be the key to unmatched success for those who continue to practice it?

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