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Mary Carder

Can More Sleep Lead to More Success? The Case for Catching More Zzz’s

Value Selling, Sales, Marketing

By Mary Carder on August 13, 2020

We think it’s time to put to bed the myth that sacrificing sleep is the pathway to success.

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Yes, You Should Take a Vacation – Even If It is Just to Stay Home


By Mary Carder on June 19, 2020

Work/life balance has toppled for many. Living in this new reality only makes taking time off even more crucial to maintaining your well-being.

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Cybersecurity and Digital Hygiene for Agents Working Remotely

Technology, Risk Control, Business

By Mary Carder on May 22, 2020

The current climate has caused a rise in cyber attacks, and cyber criminals love a distracted audience. Keep your cyber security practices top notch at all times with these important tips.

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Resources for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Technology, Sales, Marketing, Risk Control, Business

By Mary Carder on April 3, 2020

Just because you’re an independent agent doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Here's a list of top resources for insurance agents and brokers.

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Fighting the Daily Grind: Advice from a Burnout Survivor


By Mary Carder on February 21, 2020

When thinking of work causes a physiological response: tense body and shallow breath - you’re experiencing burnout. You’re not alone. Learn to overcome it.

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Tap into these surprisingly effective productivity hacks


By Mary Carder on January 10, 2020

Studies have shown a correlation between positivity in the workplace and productivity. Get more done during the week with these small tweaks to your day.

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