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Picture of Bri Burkhart, Marketing

Bri Burkhart, Marketing

Bri is an over-enthusiastic dog mom, pop culture fanatic and Instagram addict. She enjoys eating pizza, practicing yoga and hiking.

Would you like fries with that? 3 tips to sell additional coverage

Insider, Value Selling, Sales, Marketing

By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on December 22, 2017

Just like I know I’m going to order a Big Mac, when your client comes to a meeting, they typically know what insurance products they’re looking to buy.

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A mobile future: Experts have long predicted that the future of insurance is mobile


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on October 6, 2017

While applications are more prevalent on the retail side of insurance, we can assume it’s just a matter of time before they will impact the commercial side.

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Be aware of these cold calling no-nos


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on August 18, 2017

Cold calling isn't the easiest way to gain perspective clients. However, there may be a few things that you are doing to make it harder on yourself.

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Finding a pop culture sales & marketing hype-man


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on July 7, 2017

Rather than giving tips for the best sales pitch ever, let’s take a moment to get inspired by finding our own marketing and sales hype-man!

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Sharing isn't just caring; it's vital


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on June 23, 2017

Make the social media process less painful by using a few reliable sources that frequently post new content.

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Becoming the "April the Giraffe" of insurance


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on April 21, 2017

Are you using YouTube to promote yourself in the insurance industry? Video is informative, personal and what people want.

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The 3 “be’s” to creating a buzz-worthy Instagram profile


By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on April 5, 2017

Not every social media outlet is useful for every agent but, if your target audience includes people under the age of 30 then Instagram might be a no-brainer.

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