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This 1 simple practice helps insurance agents ensure customer retention success

Value Selling, Sales, Business

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on April 19, 2019

Using this 1 simple business practice can help insurance agents to ensure customer retention success within their agency.

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Boost Business by Failing Successfully

Sales, Business

By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on April 12, 2019

Did you know that you can actually boost business by failing successfully? Tap into your full professional potential with these mistake-focused hacks.

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Barking up the wrong tree? How insurance agents can increase client responsiveness.

Sales, Marketing

By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on April 5, 2019

How many times do you repeatedly contact a client without getting a response? With billions of emails and calls made each day, we have to find a way to cut through the noise to get a...

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Your agency’s best investment: the striking benefits of boosting employee health & happiness


By Lindsey Elias, Marketing on March 22, 2019

Think everyone in your office is happy? Check out these eye opening statistics, and work to build a health and happiness-focused company culture to boost employee productivity, retention...

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3 trends in the B2C market that we’re loving & how they can be applied in the insurance industry


By Katrina Eicholtz, Marketing on March 8, 2019

What trends are we noticing in the business-to-consumer market that can translate to the world of business-to-business insurance? We're covering three of our favorite B2C trends and...

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Millennials and Generation Z: Insurance buying habits


By Richie Almeida, Marketing on February 22, 2019

New generations are taking the stage in the insurance market - millennials and Generation Z. How do you plan to reach this younger audience? These 5 notable buying habits will help you...

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5 ways your agency can empower superhero agents


By Brittany Wolf, Marketing on January 24, 2019

What do insurance agents and Pixar's 'Mr. Incredible' have in common? Their dedication to helping others and protecting clients. Here are 5 ways your agency can empower superhero agents.

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3 Insurance businesses that exposed client data + 2 ways you can help prevent your agency from being next

Technology, Business

By Bri Burkhart, Marketing on January 18, 2019

Cybersecurity is the #2 concern across businesses of all sizes. In fact, 52% of businesses believe that suffering a cyberattack is inevitable. Insurance agents and agencies are especially...

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The world of insurance: It's a tricky business


Because our world is full of uncertainties, insurance is nothing to dismiss. Although this safety net is a necessity, navigating the world of insurance can be tricky - especially while...

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Your agency has a few things to learn from Amazon

Technology, Business

By Katrina Eicholtz, Marketing on December 21, 2018

Have you heard of the Amazon Effect? This phenomenon has changed the way we buy, sell and shop. Want to know more? Read on to learn how Amazon has changed the marketplace and what it means...

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